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 Precautions for automatic EPS foaming machine?

The automatic EPS foaming machine has a wide range of uses, and now it can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries. Here are the precautions for the automatic EPS foaming machine? Hope to bring you good help.


The automatic EPS foaming machine is not easy to deform, the incision is smooth, and the edge is not blurred, so it is widely used in various fields. Of course, in the process of using a foam cutting machine, failures and maintenance are inevitable. Protective measures should also be taken during operation. Goggles, gloves and face shields must not be lost. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to construction in high ambient temperature environments. The material a in the polyurethane adhesive liquid will be evaporated and the pressure will be released. If you do not open the exhaust cover to help relieve the pressure, the air pressure in the device will be ejected after reaching a certain level, which can easily cause an accident. In addition, we also need to pay attention that the automatic EtPu foaming machine must have certain flame retardant requirements, which requires the addition of certain flame retardants. Add 15%-20% of common flame retardant to the white material, add flame retardant to polyurethane a , and then stir evenly to form a foam. During operation, there are certain flame retardant requirements for the foam, so it is necessary to add a certain flame retardant. The automatic EPS foaming machine adds 15%-20% common flame retardant to the white material, adds the flame retardant to the polyurethane a , and then stirs it evenly to form a foam.

When the automatic EPS foaming machine fails, the power supply is disconnected and the machine is shut down ; when the machine cannot be used normally, please refer to the instruction manual and operation manual to determine the correct measures to be taken ; before checking and replacing parts, the power supply must be cut off. What needs to be understood besides these words is that the parts (parts) it removes at the time of inspection should be replaced with the same new parts ( parts ) in the same places . Instruments used in the inspection must be calibrated. In addition to these words, you can also prohibit placing flammable or metal objects in electrical cabinets or junction boxes when heating ; regularly check cables and wires for damage to prevent leakage or electric shock. The installed capacity of the fully automatic EPS foaming machine is the total power, which is very important to the total power of the computer circuit. In short, it is necessary to know that the automatic EPS foaming machine is a common equipment. The stage of purchasing this foaming equipment needs to consider the equipment parameters, installed capacity and equipment type. The foaming quality of different foaming equipment is different, and if the foaming of the model is uneven during operation, the low-foaming production equipment is carefully purchased, and the foaming effect is not ideal. Such equipment cannot provide substantial help to users. It is recommended to choose Fully automatic EPS foaming machine with guaranteed quality , the company can provide different customized solutions according to different requirements.

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