• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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ETPU Sole Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine – FK-ETPU1216

Main features of ETPU automatic high-efficiency energy-saving vacuum forming machine:

1. The pressure filling system adopts proportional integral control valve to ensure uniform product density;

2. Adopt advanced high-precision electromagnetic ruler ranging device;

3. PLC remote control;

4. Operation data memory storage plug-in is convenient for production management;

5. Production data recording printer;

6. 10.5-inch high-pixel color touch screen;

7. Electromagnetic water level controller ensures stable cooling water pressure;

8. The pressurized double barrel device can independently control the production of multi-color or double-density products;

9. Core-pulling device designed with special molds;

10. The quick connector of the feeding pipe can be connected to the central feeding system;

11. Can be equipped with manual or electric crane;

12. Quick mold change system;

13. Low energy consumption and low pressure molding technology;

14. High-efficiency vacuum condensation system can ensure low water content of products;

15. Newly designed energy-saving stainless steel thermal insulation steam chamber;

16. The unique design increases the hydraulic station to maintain low oil temperature operation and prolong the service life of hydraulic oil.

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